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Meet Freedom Fluid:
Cold brewed Yaupon Iced Teas made with American flavor that's free at last!
~American grown. American brewed.~

(*It's pronounced yo-pon)

The Power of yaupon

When we learned about yaupon tea, we were mesmerized by this American treasure: its health benefits, its impact on the environment, the history, and its support for the American economy.

When we tried yaupon tea, we were captivated by its TASTE and the FEELING. We knew everyone needed to taste it and our mission quickly became to share it and to...FREE YOUR THIRST.

Our Values

We strive to create a lasting and positive impact on each other and the earth.

We care about what goes into our bodies. If tea is so healthy, then why is it swimming in sugar, artificial sweeteners, zero sugar substitutes, instant tea powders, and the list goes on.

We care about quality. We use the highest quality ingredients to make organic, all natural iced tea that is simple and clean. We use real brewed tea, natural sweeteners, and real fruit and herbs.

We care about celebrating American biodiversity. Our cold brewed yaupon iced teas are grown and brewed in the USA, and made with American flavors and locally sourced ingredients.


Simple and clean.

Purified water and wild-harvested, organic yaupon tea leaves.

Real organic fruit juice and real organic fruit and herbal extracts directly from plants.

Organic pure maple syrup and organic cane sugar provide the perfect and balanced sweetness. No artificial or non-nutritive sweeteners, which means no funny aftertaste and no side effects.

Health benefits

  • Mental Focus & mood lifting

    From a combination of caffeine and theobromines (also found in cocoa beans).

  • Immune boosting

  • Hydrating

    Refuel for any occasion.

  • All natural & organic

    No artifical ingredients. No chemicals.

Our impact

We are investing in the American economy with yaupon iced tea that supports a variety of small businesses around the country.

We are proud to source our yaupon leaves from a Native American farm in Texas—certified by the Intertribal Agriculture Council.

Using wild harvested and organic yaupon tea means no irrigation, no pesticides, and no chemicals of any kind.

Our tea has a smaller environmental footprint compared to other caffeinated teas that travel across the globe and are produced with more intensive methods.

We use aluminum cans because they are infinitely recyclable.

Our Teas

  • Mental Focus & Mood Lift

  • Rich in Antioxidants

  • Organic & All Natural Ingredients

  • Sustainably Grown in the USA

  • Smaller Carbon Footprint

  • Supports US Economy

Let's celebrate

Being free!
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